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 Introduction and background

The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) is an independent professional body working for the advancement of Social Work in Uganda. It was founded in 1972 and has since relied on the goodwill of volunteer Social Workers to serve its membership. In 2010, a group of social workers, working in various social welfare organizations and NGOs in Uganda led by the Ministry of gender, Labour and Social Development, set out to revive NASWU. A new National Executive Committee was elected into Office and a swearing-in ceremony and handover held on 7th December 2011. There is a passionate demand from across the country to revive NASWU. Given this expressed need, the National Executive Committee (NEC) has given full priority to this renewed interest in NASWU to achieve full revival.

Inside the NASWU secretariat. On the left is NASWU president Mr. Charles Draecabo, in the middle is UNICEF’s Mr. Wilbroad Ngambi, also a member of NASWU and on the right is Mr. Venesio Bhangyi the Vice general secretary of NASWU

The vision of NASWU is to promote professional practice, national development and transformation. Its overall aim is to promote and facilitate Social Welfare and Social development in Uganda. NASWU’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals and transform communities in all aspects of life. NASWU legally is registered as a company limited by guarantee.

With funding and support from the OAK Foundation through TPO Uganda, NASWU has been able to obtain a secretariat and start full operation based on a strategic framework developed by the new NEC. The association has also been greatly boosted by UNICEF to provide capacity building for its members. NASWU’s key priorities within the first two years include: strengthening membership; improving NASWU’s corporate image for greater visibility and promoting standards in Social Work practice, among others.

Members attending the launch of the NASWU secretariat

The Governance and management structure of NASWU

The supreme Governing body is the Annual General Meeting; then the National Executive committee; Board of trustees; and the patron. A national secretariat was established and is headed by the national coordinator to be supported by Social Work Interns in year one. The secretariat is used to coordinate the activities of the association, day to day implementation of agreed upon activities, provide information and a resource centre, have custody of and keep an up-to-date register of members, handle all correspondence and any other activity assigned by NEC.

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