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NASWU is currently embarking on mobilizing and creating awareness of the existence of the Association and its program in Social Work teaching institutions through visiting these institutions with an ultimate objective of promote Social Work education. We believe through visiting institutions and interacting with both Social Work students and educators we are able to understand the current challenges and lessons we can learn from these institutions for better advocacy.

These visits are therefore organized by the host institutions in collaboration with NASWU and among the activities we conduct during the visit include giving motivation talks about the profession and share information about NASWU and its programs.

Africa Renewal University and particularly the department of Social Work and Social Administration hosted the NASWU team which was represented by Dr. Azah Taibu and Mr. Okiria Gerald program officer at NASWU.

Dr. Azah Taib and Academic Registry of ARU among other NASWU and University official pose for a group photograph with Social Work students.

Dr. Azah Taib and Academic Registry of ARU among other NASWU and University official pose for a group photograph with Social Work students.

The NASWU team was welcomed by the President Africa Renewal University Social Work Association (ARUSWA), Patron Mr. Ssekate Johnmary and the Head of Social Work Department and in their opening remarks they shared some of the thing the Social Work Students Association have achieved and these included the following.

  • A community needs assessment from where they were able to identify some physical impaired members to whom they gave wheel chairs.
  • Participated in NASWU activities such the Social Work walk and dinner.
  • Having a functioning Social Work students association with leaders that elected after ever year was the achievement.

Dr. Azah Taib speaking to Social Work students about NASWU and gives her testimony as a proud Social Worker.

Dr. Aza Taibu who represented the NASWU president thanked the institution from inviting NASWU to talk to Social Work students and delivered an apology from the president who was unable to make it but sent regards. In her opening remarks she recognized Mr. Ssekate Johnmary the patron of the Social Work students Association in ARU as one of the committed and active NASWU members. She thanked the department for being very support to Social Work students especially in taking part in NASWU organized activities. She also mentioned that she is proud of him as one of the students who she taught Social Work at University and she was glad that he has extend the passion to inspire young Social Workers.

She encouraged students to use the knowledge they are getting to continue being a great impact to the community since they are among the few and lucky youths who have got the opportunity to reach this level of education. She also encouraged them as “young stars” who have got innovative ideas to put them in practice as it will be a “crime” for them to die without exploiting them.

She also encouraged them to treasure knowledge as its key in this 21st Century and she believes when all that is done by them, she is able to get energy to breath and strength to keep moving.

In relation to the NASWU, she informed that it exists to consolidate the gap between Social Work students and practitioners with the ultimate goal of building a strong Social Work profession in the country. She informed members that NASWU is currently striving to achieve this objective through; Advocacy, social Work training and carrying out activities towards the realization of a law that regulate Social Work practice which would ultimately guide Social Work practice and guarantee quality of Social Work service delivery.

She also shared on the NASWU mentorship programme which focuses on helping students to get internship placements in Social Work related organizations and supervised by already practicing Social Workers. This is to make all Social Work students who are register with NASWU be different from other Social Work graduates through effective supervision and basic skills trainnings.

In her concluding remarks she encouraged to students to register as members of the association as its strength lies on the vibrancy and commitment of members to making it what they want it to be.

Mr. Okiria Gerald then shared briefly how one becomes a member and how NASWU keeps in touch with her

Mr. Okiria Gerald the NASWU program Officer shares how NASWU keeps her members informed on NASWU activities and programs.

Mr. Okiria Gerald the NASWU program Officer shares how NASWU keeps her members informed on NASWU activities and programs.

members. He encourage them to use Social media like facebook, whatsapp, and twitter to support NASWU in advocacy and popularity of its objectives.

Students then asked some of the questions which included the following;

Qn. What remedies are being implemented to regulate para social workers?

NASWU is currently in discussions with organizations such as World Education Bantwana who train para-social workers to how best their practice can guided and evaluated based on professional ethical code of conduct which is within NASWU mandate and objective.

Qn. Are there there NASWU branches nationwide?

NASWU currently has contacts person through whom the secretariat contacts and entrusts to mobilize fellow Social Workers in the regions or areas they are located.

Qn. Are International students also eligible to be members?

Yes they are as long they are studying in Uganda and are equally entitled for any benefits as NASWU student members.

Qn. Is membership paid on monthly or annual basis?

Membership subscription is paid annually.

In conclusion, As NASWU we exist to promote Social Work education and as we build the profession through “Empowering Individuals; Transforming communities.”


Dr. Azah responds to some of the students question in a interactive and lively Q & A session.


Left: Mr. Ssekate Johnmary, Dr. Azah Taib, Mr. Okiria Gerald and Mr. Wanabwa Benard (Head of Social Work Department)


Group photograph with Social Work students.


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