The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) team of experts that volunteered to steer up the process of coming up with the Law that governs Social Work Practice in our country Uganda is not a sleep neither is it giving u12063984_891578050924126_1013082096_np, not now and never will it be till the primary objective has been achieved.


All signs show that we are determined to protect the rights of clients so as to ensure that they receive quality Social Work services from qualified Social Workers and also to professionalize the Social Work Practice.


The second meeting was hosted by the Catholic Relief Services-Nsambya (after Child I foundation-Mengo). It was in this meeting that members joined working sub committees to review the already suggested Zero- Cabinet Memorandum, Advocacy strategies and the Concept note for resource mobilization.

This therefore calls for great preparation from all NASWU members and Friends to join the advocacy Team when called upon to support these efforts in terms of Resources Mobilization with emphasis put on the Locally available resources.

In attendance where members from; NASWU secretariat, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development (MoGLSD), Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MoJCA), Africa Renewal University (ARU), Child i Foundation, REPSSI, Foster Care India (FCI), World Education  Initiative – Bantwana Initiative, 12063974_891578420924089_814128689_nChildren First Consultancy and Catholic Relief Services- IRH (Hosts).


NASWU; Empowering Individuals, Transforming Communities.

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