Membership legibility (Who qualifies for NASWU membership?)

  • All trained and practicing social workers
  • All institutions ( Universities and colleges teaching Social work )
  • All students of social work
  • All Agencies / organizations undertaking programmes that promote the welfare, protection ,empowerment  leading to social development of  individuals, families and communities
  • Good willed people/associate members  with strong belief in social welfare and social development and adhere to the core values and principles of social work-

How to become a Member:

  1. Apply through an application form and submit to NASWU Secretariat,
  2. Pay  subscription fees   as  below:
Membership Category Fees
Students 20,000 p/a
Social workers practitioners 50, 000 p/a
Social  Development agencies   and training institution 300,000 p/a
Associate Members Ugs 50,000 p/a

Benefits to Members

  1. Certification from a professional body , a requirement for further  engagements like further studies, employment with districts service commission and abroad.
  2. Enhanced Profile for organizations/ agencies that are seeking further partnerships with donors and technical institutions and government.
  3. Enhanced learning of new knowledge and skills on emerging issues and best practices through the NASWU’s capacity building program.
  4. Enhanced relationships, networks for greater  carrier opportunities for example  opportunity to  meet  mentors,  student  field work practice openings , volunteer work to give back , research or  practical learning .
  5. Opportunity for international conferences for exposure and learning.




    • Dear Carol,
      You are still a member, all you need now to update your current information by filling a membership form which you can find too on our website.

      Thank you.

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