In line with NASWU strategic plan 2016 – 2020 objective 6 that focuses on networking with related professional bodies nationally and internationally so as to further its vision and mission, the association became one of the recognized members of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) in Africa by paying the annual subscription.

Being a member of IFSW means NASWU is entitled to the following global benefits as the rest of other registered member associations in the different countries:

  • Advocacy for the promotion of social work or social justice, on the members’ behalf, in their country, region, internationally and/or within the United Nations
  • An active culture of sharing and learning across nations, regions and the globe
  • Support for members’ campaigns for social work and social justice outcomes
  • Participation in regional and global conferences
  • Links with other members to improve regional networks and practice based networks
  • Resources and a dedicated International Social Work Journal
  • Access to advertise social work jobs internationally
  • A social work relevant news service

NASWU takes this opportunity to inform registered members both individuals and institutions to take advantage of this membership. This also serves to remind other members who have not renewed their membership to do so immediately. New members are also encouraged to register.
Social work profession in Uganda is steadily getting strong and with this international membership NASWU is going to make the profession more liberal and active through having series of events, news and information.

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