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Mr. Massimmo Lowicki-Zucca the project Chief of Party hands over the signed copy of the Contract to the NASWU President Mr. Charles Draecabo.

The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) and World Education/Batwana signed a one year project that is focused on assessing skills of para social socials workers and equipping them with better professional techniques during intervention as they provide service to the communities.

The NASWU President Mr. Charles Draceabo signed on behalf of the association while Mr. Massimmo Lowicki-Zucca the Chief of Party signed on behalf of World Education /Batwana. The ceremony which took place at the NASWU offices was witnessed by the staff and some members.

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More inception meetings are being organized to meet other key stakeholders including but not limited to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, development partners, district and local leaders to ensure the successful implementation and attainment of the project objectives and goals.

The project is being funded by USAID and implemented in 13 districts of Eastern and Northern Uganda.


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