Reader’s Letter

Dear Social Workers,

Being a social worker is a highly rewarding career, presenting one of the truest opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. The outreach to communities and the commitment to never giving up on someone alone can give you hope and happiness. Social work offers many opportunities. There are many possibilities of change that can be made just by speaking up.

Further more, what I love about social work is the profession itself. To know so many people are dedicated to working for others. The inspiration I receive from my contemporaries and the wide range of practices and movements we are involved in. Nonetheless, it is a challenging profession, and all social workers need some inspiration to keep us motivated.

To help you through those challenging moments, here is some encouragement for you: You will experience personal development and passion for helping people in need. You will be around others who are just as devoted as you are to better our communities in Uganda and beyond. Social work is diverse and lovely, you cannot get bored with it. You will get empowered continually and help to empower other people in need. With social work, you will be able to see and feel the changes made in Uganda and the world

By Tumwebaze Joshua, 2015.

Edited by NASWU.

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