Many Social Workers in Uganda especially fresh graduates are the most affected by the high level of unemployment in our country. Other than unemployment, the profession has continuously lost community sanction and support as a result of the unregulated Social Work education and practice.


Dr. Twikirize Janestic, Lecturer at Makerere University in the department of Social Work and Social Administration. (Photo credit. Google Internet Source)

The National Association of Social Workers’ of Uganda (NASWU) commissioned a research that was conducted on the state of Social Work in the country and “you will be shocked” with the findings compiled in the Final Issues_paper by Dr. Janestic Twikirize on behalf of NASWU. We are certain upon a comprehensive read through of this report, you will definitely support the NASWU in its bid to come up with a law that gazettes the profession and also protect and promote the Social Work profession in whatever level you may be in.

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“Regulation of professional practice through established councils, boards and
professional associations is a common feature of various professions globally and in
Uganda. Under different statutory Acts, professional bodies are established to
function as custodians to uphold professional standards and protect the interests of
service recipients. Thus, regulation is motivated by the need for public safety
especially among the users of services provided by a given profession; but also it
serves as a mechanism for strengthening the profession; its effectiveness,
contribution and mandate. In social work, regulation is associated with both the
quality of practice and education as well as protection and promotion of service
users’ rights.
Social work plays a significant role in the social and economic development of many
countries through its unique role in prevention, management and resolution of social
problems that otherwise cripple human functioning. In solidarity with those who are
disadvantaged, the profession strives to liberate vulnerable and oppressed people in
order to promote inclusive development and individual wellbeing. Social work
focuses on humanitarian and democratic ideals, values of respect, equality, worth
and dignity of all people. Human rights and social justice serve as the motivation and
justification for social work (Ife, 2002). Social work is indeed a global profession
which has transcended socio-cultural and political organizational divides and whose
relevance, particularly in developing contexts cannot be overstated.
In order to strengthen social care services and support to vulnerable categories of
the population as well as improve individual function so that people can fully
participate and benefit from development, there is an urgent need to professionalize
social work. The draft policy on social care under the ‘Expanding Social Protection
Programme advocates this professionalization through regulation.
Legal regulation of the practice and education of social work protect its professional
integrity and ensures that mechanisms are in place through which the quality and
contribution of social work towards national development is buttressed. This issues
paper provides evidence of the status of social work practice and education in
Uganda, its contribution to development; and a rationale for its legal recognition and
regulation through enactment of a Social Work Act that will among others provide for
the establishment of a council for social work.”


  • It beings with us, lets not wait for enactment of the law to benefit the Society.
  • Popularize the issues raised in the research conducted.
  • Encourage your members of parliament and key stakeholder to support this cause.


Okiria Gerald


NASWU: Empower Individuals; Transforming Communities.

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  1. most of the social work graduates have really miss perceived the generic social work context. that’s the major problem that magnifies unemployment in Uganda. and also lack of clear legal and policy framework that guide social work practices in the country

  2. i think as other countries like south africa have legal frame works why not ugandan social work, there must be a collaborative work between NASWU and the institutes that offer social work and students in them. so that students also can graduate or apply knowing issues on board, they will also know what is expected of them in a broader perspective

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