Terms of Reference to Facilitate the Process of Documenting NASWU’s Progress and Best Practices.



Date of Issue 31st July 2017

Terms of Reference to Facilitate the Process of Documenting NASWU’s Progress and Best Practices.


  1. Background

The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) is a professional body for Social Workers in Uganda. The Association is an independent professional body working for the advancement of Social Work in the country. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is the line Ministry responsible for supporting NASWU in fulfilling its mandate. NASWU was founded in 1972 but suffered the effects of the economic and political meltdown of the late 1970s and post war period of the 1980s. For over two decades NASWU made attempts to revive the association with the support of its member.


NASWU’s Vision

To promote professional practice, national development and transformation.


Promote and facilitate Social Welfare and Social Development in Uganda.


NASWU’s Objectives

  1. To promote the welfare and development of individuals, groups, families, communities, organizations and the nation at large.
  2. To ensure the welfare and economic development of social workers
  • To ensure that social workers in Uganda have required training and skills;
  1. To ensure proper licensing of qualified social workers;
  2. To ensure social workers observe a professional code of conduct;
  3. To advance social work knowledge and practice through research, publication and knowledge sharing;
  • To network with related professional bodies nationally and internationally so as to further the mission, aim and objectives of NASWU.


NASWU exists to help members of the Social Work Profession make their full contribution to society and in the process, live respectable lives as individuals and members of the profession, guided by professional values and ethical principles. The National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Branch Executive Committees (BECs) are the functional organs that are charged by the constitution to run the National Association of Social Workers of Uganda. The two organs work in unison and develop annual programmes of action towards realization of individual, group and professional goals and national expectations. NASWU is a membership organization and as such its strength and continuity is hinged on committed members who contribute professional ideas and resources for running the Association. Currently the Association has 700 individual members and 30 Agencies that continuously participate in its activities.


The Association has progressed and vigorously continues to work to advance Social Work Education and Practice in Uganda. At a national level, the association has strongly participated in activities aimed at developing policies that shape the social welfare and development of this country. Accordingly, the Association is desirous of procuring a consultant to facilitate the process of documenting its progress and best practices.


  1. Purpose of assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to develop a clear and consolidated report on the Associations progress since it was founded while documenting best practices. This is with a view of strengthening the Association with documentary evidence to enable it consolidate its achievements.


  1. Specific objectives
  1. Lead the process of documenting NASWU’s progress and best Practices;
  2. Develop a detailed work plan for the actual execution of the assignment according to this Terms of Reference, and in line with the specific assignment.
  3. Be responsible for collecting information from available documents and key stakeholders
  4. Ensure quality control of the outputs by contributing substantively to the design and format of the outputs, data collection, data verification, and other technical and analytical tasks under this contract.
  5. Facilitate a validation meeting
  6. Produce and submit final reports in both soft and hard copies to include;
  1. Process Report of the exercise and
  2. The final report


  1. Scope of work

The scope of work will involve detailing the Associations’ progress from 1972 when it was founded to date. In developing the detailed report, the consultant will draw content from existing materials and primary data from key stakeholders.


  1. Methodology

The consultant in constant consultation with the NASWU secretariat will do the entire documentation process. In conducting the exercise, the consultant will draw content from existing background documents and interviews with key stakeholders. Available literature information will be reviewed to draw evidence from secondary sources to collaborate the data collected and analyzed. The range and scope of the data will be defined to achieve the specific objectives of the assignment as spelt out in this document.


  1. Expected Outputs
  1. Inception report that clearly articulates the assignment in the ToR and clearly propose how it will be undertaken.
  2. Process report, covering the entire period of the assignment, including but not limited to the meeting reports.
  3. Final report.
  1. Competencies
  2. The consultant should possess excellent technical skills in socio-economic research and document development
  3. Demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation of development project activities.
  4. Strong communication and facilitation skills and ability to establish good working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders in a sensitive environment. S/he must be able to respond quickly to requests for information
  5. S/he must demonstrate strong interpersonal and motivational skills and sensitivity to the local environment as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision.
  6. Excellent data analytical skills and interpretation. S/he must have ability to write clearly and concisely, and have sound quantitative and qualitative skills
  7. Broad knowledge and understanding of Para Social Workers would be a plus.
  8. Required Qualifications:
  9. Academic qualifications:
  10. The lead consultant should be a trained Social Worker who has expertise in operational research and documentation. Post graduate qualification in communication or related field would be an added advantage.
  11. Should have a good understanding of the Social Welfare systems in Uganda
  • Ability and experience in working with national associations is an added advantage.
  1. Experience:
  2. At least 3 years of experience in document development at a membership organization would be preferable. Previous successful involvement with and good knowledge of membership organizations is desired.
  3. Ability to analyse and synthesize information and develop highly analytical documents
  • Excellent editing skills and ability to integrate human interest with statistical and technical reports to present credible content


  1. Role of NASWU

To ensure a successful engagement, NASWU shall carry out the following roles:

  • Provide the consultant with relevant documents for review.
  • Facilitate appointments with key stakeholders to be interviewed
  • Assist in preparing an itinerary for the consultants for the visits.
  • Review and make input to the draft report


  1. Duration of Service

The consultant will be contracted for one month and expected to work full time (office hours) within Kampala, except otherwise situation demands travel outside Kampala on project related matters.

  1. Selection Criteria

The consultant shall be selected based on the NASWU’s Procurement procedure. Main criteria for the selection will be relevant work experience and qualifications.

  1. Monitoring and Reporting

The consultant shall report directly to the NASWU President on all contractual obligations. The President shall be responsible for approving the quality of the work (including the tools and methodology) and will work with the consultant to ensure that expectations are clear at each stage of the assignment. The National Coordinator of NASWU will be responsible for ensuring that all the day to day planning and coordination of the assignment is undertaken smoothly, timely and efficiently.

  1. Terms of Payment / Financial Conditions:
  2. The consultant shall be paid a lump sum amount of remuneration as per the contract, which should include all his overheads, social charges and other associated costs including local transportation within Kampala.
  3. The consultant shall be responsible for all taxes and duties including income tax applicable as per Government of Uganda rules and regulations.


Submission of Proposal

Interested consultants or firms that meet the requirements in 8 should submit their technical and financial proposal to reach NASWU Secretariat, addressed to the National Coordinator by close of business 8th August 2017 in sealed envelope. No canvasing is allowed, and may lead to disqualification


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