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Makerere University Social Work Lecturers rest after the Social Work Walk.

I take this opportunity to thank NASWU for creating space for us to communicate and exchange social work related ideas on face book. I think that just saying thank you will never repay your kindness. First and foremost, words cannot express my feeling, nor my thanks to NASWU staff, supporters and sponsors for starting the National Association of Social Workers in Uganda. I urge fellow social workers to give back what NASWU is giving us. Do not keep quiet. At least, be verbal in acknowledging your appreciation of NASWU. Furthermore, if you like and support NASWU and give its staff and members a positive reputation to uphold, you can help them to become better than they think they are.

Now that we have platform on face book, I believe that we shall be able to share social work information, that is, questions, opinions, challenges and opportunities among others. More so, we can chat and network on social work concerns and make helpful friends. Too, we can create group discussions for uplifting social work activities or use face book for conducting short meetings. Consequently, those who have smart phones can be updated with social work updates. Consequently, the face book platform will help us to find our old friends and colleagues who we have lost contact. We can connect with them online for the purpose of standing up for social work. It is exciting to discover that on this plat form one can find fellow social workers with their names or email addresses. I, therefore, beseech NASWU staff to use it to make NASWU more popular because face book allows NASWU to target social workers and other people of specific age, location, geographic location and interests.
I kindly request NASWU to establish how many social workers are in Uganda today. To discover how many have a Diploma, a Bachelor’s Degree and a PHD in social work. How many professors do we have? For how long has the average NASWU member has practiced social work? And how much do they earn per year? It seems that up to now, there are a few or no social workers managing hospice, mental health care, gerontology, family therapy, school social work and child welfare in Uganda.

Additionally, I kindly request NASWU to help us establish some type of license or certification in social work in Uganda. Then we shall know how many social works hold advanced credentials from NASWU.
I am sure that with a strong NASWU, we can shape legislation and public policy that protects and strengthens the social work profession; promotes health, welfare and education; or in some way strengthens opportunities and social supports for individuals and families in Uganda for starters and beyond. Subsequently, we can help in protecting the public and ensure high quality social work services in communities.

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Prof. Dr. Paul Bukuluki as the Chief walker gives his speech and behind him (is in Pink) is the NASWU Vice President – Ms. Fatia Kiyange Programmes Director at African Palliative Care Association during the Social Work Walk address at Makerere University.

That noted, however, I wonder how NASWU will enforce the Social Work Code of Ethics to improve regulation of social work in Uganda without using licensing? Equally, how will NASWU regulate social work practice? I beseech NASWU to provide extensive continuing education programs, including professional development conferences and if possible to create chapters in regions of Uganda. I am a Lecturer of Social Work. I visit the website of NASWU in search of some relevant academic and general social work materials. I, therefore, kindly request NASWU Staff, to if possible, annually publish numerous scholarly reference materials, or start a bi-annual professional social work journal, I hope, in future, to hear and participate in comprehensive research abstracts and perhaps a monthly newspaper, social work practice updates, newsletters, public education materials and other tools to improve social work practice in Uganda.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people working with NASWU. I believe that you all are working very hard. I would like to request you to continue. NASWU is so far doing an amazing job. I definitely know how challenging it is running an NGO like NASWU and appreciate the enormous effort put in by staff and stakeholders. I look forward to seeing what comes in the future and hope I am around in this life, long enough to connect with even a small portion of what is already on offer. God bless you.

From TUMWEBAZE Joshua,

Lecturer Social Work.

UCU Bishop Barham Campus

Edited by NASWU

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  1. Dear Joshua,

    Thanks you for the feedback and encouraging compliments on the work NASWU is doing. The Association needs members like you to take it to the next level. While the Secretariat will provide you with some of the documents and information that you have asked for, I wish to briefly respond to some of the questions you raised as follows:

    1. Membership profiling. It is a good suggestion and will be considered in our next planning meeting. Currently, we have data base of close to one thousand registered members, which we keep on updating. As voluntary Association, we have been reaching our Social Workers through “snow balling” and mass media. I like the suggestions to document, not only the numbers but those practicing Social work and whether their salary scale are competitive. This way, I hope we can make that sill doubting to know that Social Work is a credible and well-paying profession.

    2. Social Work Legislation in Uganda. You are on spot on this. NASWU has made significant strides towards that direction. We commissioned a study and developed an issue paper that is currently with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. We have also drafted an accompanying cabinet memo to be presented to the cabinet after the senior management team of MGLSD approves our issue paper. We are lobbying aggressively for the issue paper to be discussed at the ministry and be submitted to the cabinet. In fact the recent events of 13th and 15th March 2016 were carried out with that in mind. As part of the lobby, we included certain clauses in the children’s Statute that is being reviewed by the parliament, and presented it to the standing committee in parliament. When the Social Work bill is passed in the parliament, the law will gazette the profession and only registered members will be allowed to practice. This will provide for enforcement of the code of conduct, which at moment is dormant, and left to sense of appeal to each member.

    3. Professional Publications and sharing of information. One of the key ‘call to action’ during the Social Work dinner is to have regular membership update meetings. We are still working on the modalities of organizing this, with a view of also including members who are out of Kampala. We shall strengthen out districts/regional contacts for the purpose of reaching all the Social workers. I count on you to be our ambassador in that region. NASWU will work with the Association of the Schools of Social Workers of Uganda to promote quality learning and curriculum. Dr. Janestic of Makerere University Social Work is our contact and we plan to convene a meeting for the dons and you will be welcome to participate.
    Once again, thank you.
    Best Regards and keep up!

    Draecabo Charles

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