In their pursuit and demand for a better education, students marched in protest for as young and intelligent they were, demanding to be taught in their mother tongue. In the process, some of the scores of the students were brutally and shamelessly short dead by police of the apartheid regime on the 16th June 1991-Soweto town in South Africa.

This however left very big ‘’wounds’’ in the hearts of many African children, parents, political leaders, social workers and several Welfare and humanitarian Organizations demanding for the need of the world to respect for children

It is from the above history that the AU has used this day to remember and celebrate children in Africa in a bid to take action towards addressing the daily problems that African children face.

Therefore the day being an international cause, Uganda is no exceptional to its commemoration. The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) is at the helm of all child protection systems and institutions in the country; in this regard, the day of the African Child was commemorated under the theme “Accelerating Protection, Empowerment and Equal Opportunities for Children in Uganda by 2030” on the 12th/June/2017 in Iganga district-Bulamagi sub-county

In preparation for this day, the National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) worked closely with the ministry (MoGLSD) to grace the day.

The association Kept on updating and reminding members on the proceedings of the preparatory meetings that always took at the ministry boardroom, NASWU also mobilized members for a health run that was mainly children since the day is about them


‘’We must make sure that this year’s celebration is unique from the previous celebrations we have had before. Therefore I encourage all committee leaders to consider time and speed up activities as first as possible and ensure that most of the day’s activities are undertaken by the children’’ Kaboggoza James Ssembatya in the 3rd meeting at the ministry

According to a member of NASWU working with UNICEF, a recent survey indicates that most of the African communities have poor performances because of post childhood trauma due to child violence in any form. And above all to note, ‘’parents should take charge and full responsibility of children other than abandoning them hence giving them absolute responsibility; this has ended up in series of growth disorders.

National Coordinator- (NASWU) pledged support; ‘‘we will make sure that we exploit all the channels of communications we have as a national association to reach to our partners, agencies, institutions and members so that they get to know and are part of the event. This is because children’s issue in Uganda particularly is now a social problem to both families and the nation at large’’

The national Association of Social Workers of Uganda with the rest of the partners also organized children’s health run. This was marked with a lot of activities whereby children around Kampala were part with a lot of government dignitaries and many stake holders took part to witness this first of its kind event, especially prior to the celebration of the African Child day

Just like it was planned to be, the function incorporated a lot of activities from pupils from different primary schools within Iganga district. Children engaged in poem reciting, Music Dance and Drama to mention but a few, master of ceremony were children to show that the country recognizes the contribution of the young generation

In accordance to this day, ministries, government officials, social welfare organizations and NGOs, schools, children and parents among other dignitaries gathered at Bulamagi sub-county Iganga district. And the remarkable day being organized differently from the previous had children in the lead presenting poems, music, dance and drama for the chief guest-the minister of Education and Sports (Mrs. Janet Kataaha)

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