In their tender and innocent stage of life, Children (all persons below the age of 18 years) are always reminded that the world cares about them and thus are supported to effectively participate in each and every Internationally, Regionally and Nationally recognized days most especially in this month of June where we commemorate t

World Day against Child Labour

ILO poster for the World Day against Child Labour.

he World Day against Child Labour and the Day of African Child.

This Year’s 2016 World Day against Child Labour will be marked on the 12th June under the theme “End of Child Labour in the Supply Chains – It’s Everyone’s business!” according to the International Labour Organization. NASWU participated in the District conference that took place on the 18th and 19th May 2016 at Kontiki Hotel – Hoima organized by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development together with the Uganda Women’s Efforts to Save Orphans (UWESO) under the theme of “Eliminating Child Labour in Agriculture”.

Hoima District Conference

Mr. Gordon Phaneuf the C.E.O Child Welfare League of Canada poses for a picture with the NASWU representative – Mr. Okiria Gerald during the District Conference in Hoima (18th – 19th May 2016).

With over 2,000,000 children (two million) in Uganda who are in Child Labour and it was generally agreed that efforts to Eliminate Child Labour begins with us and in our communities since “In Africa if it has not happened in the Community then it has not happened” (An African saying shared by Mr. Edton Babu a NASWU member and the Deputy Executive Director of World Education Initiative Bantwana).

16th June is the other day special to mainly African Children as we mark the Day of African Child whose theme in Uganda has been localize to “Protecting Children’s Rights: A call to Action”. The day is commemorated to recall the 1976 uprisings in Soweto by School Children in South Africa who were demanding for better quality of education and also be taught in their language. It was unfortunate that during the protest over 100 hundred unarmed Children were shot dead by the police.

It was from that back ground that African governments together with the International community recognize 16th June as one the major days to boost advocacy for children’s rights and protection from any form of violence.

The National Association of Social Workers of Uganda (NASWU) is therefore partnering with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) to celebrate the Day of African Child in Masaka with major emphasis of encouraging all stake holders to take lead in protecting children rights.

We therefore encourage all Social Workers at different levels to support this cause since we are the “voice to the voiceless” like the children and through participating in the pre, actual and post Day of African Child. Through our individual participation and commemoration of this day in different ways and forums we create a sustainable chain to End violation of children’s rights and thus should use these days to encourage and guide children to take lead in the coming up events through which they will come up with statements and suggestions on how they would wish their rights be protected.

Its therefore important that your not left out in this year’s (2016) activities to mark these special days set a side for Children. Remember protecting of children rights starts with you.

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Okiria Gerald


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