1. Service
• Social Workers Primary goal is to help individuals / people in need and to address Social Problems.
The value and Principle of Social Work encourages Social Workers to focus more on service delivery than self interests in terms of the financial benefits or any other form of reward. Social Workers have a heart to provide the necessary services to individuals or people in need using the locally available resources and mobilizing more if the local resources are not enough to a effectively and efficiently address the trending Social Problem.

2. Social Justice
• Challenge Social Injustice
Social Workers act as advocates in challenging Social oppression and exploitation of people most especially among the vulnerable members in our communities such as the poor and young people. We pursue this with an aim of achieving both equality and equity for all members of the Society to get equal and deserving treatment and service.

3. Respect the dignity & worth of the person
• Social Workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person.
Social Workers recognize the fact that every human being has got to be treated with respect of their inherent dignity and worth regardless of what or who they may be now.

4. Importance of human Relationships
• Social workers recognize the central importance of human relationships.
Social Workers appreciate relationships that human beings have got and thus still recognize them as virtual in the problem solving or helping process. Social Workers are therefore Social Worker aim at promoting, restoring, maintain and enhance the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organizations and communities.

5. Integrity
• Behaving trust worthy.
Professionally, Social Workers are not only expected to behave trust worthy but also be trust worthy as one of the ways they can be able to uphold the profession’s values, ethical principles and ethical standard. This facilitates the Social Worker to act honestly and responsibly while helping client.

6. Competence
• Practice within area of competence and enhance professional expertise.
Social Work is a broad profession with a wide area for practice. This value therefore focuses at encouraging Social Workers aspire to contribute to the knowledge base of the profession which can also be done through research.

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